Do-It-Yourself Sample Cards (FM)

Our do-it-yourself sample cards help you to put your own yarns or fabrics in the best light.

They are available at a reasonable price in several designs. Non-rubberized plugs are suitable for yarns (wrapping), rubberized ones with self-adhesive surface for other materials.

Thats how easy it is:

The sample card for small money.

1. Mark
width: width of the plug without tabs, height: height of the plug + approx. 2cm

2. Cutting to size
The pattern is carefully cut along the lines.

3. Remove foil
The plug is placed in the middle of the pattern. (The backs of the plugs point upwards). The protective foil is removed.

4. Sticking on
The protruding pages are turned over tightly and pressed down firmly. Make sure that the tabs of the plug protrude.

5. Wrapping
Wool is wrapped tightly around the plug.

6. Inserting
Slide the tabs into the loops provided. You can enter the respective product number in the windows.

Many possibilities
Different cards and plugs offer numerous possibilities for an appropriate presentation.