RAL Plastics Colourchips


A clear matter – RAL colour standard for plastics

With RAL PLASTICS, an independent new plastic standard has been created in response to multiple requests from the plastics processing industry. For RAL P1, the 100 most frequently requested colours of the RAL CLASSIC colour collection were introduced under the product name RAL P1.

Plastics processors benefit from RAL PLASTICS because the new binding plastics standards eliminate the previously time-consuming and cost-intensive process of adjusting RAL colours from paint samples to plastics. The multifunctionality of RAL PLASTICS plastic colour plates offers the greatest possible benefit in practice: Three different surface structures and three different material thicknesses give the user a realistic impression of the colour effect in a wide variety of material applications.

The material polypropylene was deliberately chosen for RAL PLASTICS. Polypropylene is a mass plastic which is used in many finished products due to its balanced property profile and a very good price-performance ratio. In addition to its technical properties, its good applicability in a wide variety of manufacturing processes and its compatibility with a wide range of colourants speak for this plastic.