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The RAL CLASSIC colour collection: a standard in the colour world

The RAL colours with the four-digit number have been a benchmark for colouring for over 90 years. In contrast to other colour systems the RAL CLASSIC colour register is not based on mathematical calculations. Instead it represents a collection of colours which are frequently used in industry and economy. Public institutions and tenders also make use of these colours.

The basic collection for silk matt colours is RAL 840-HR, for glossy colours the register RAL 840-GL. The registers serve as colour templates for design, but also contain safety and signal colours.

This colour collection, which was started in 1927 with 40 colours, now comprises 213 colours. Of the colours in the first colour collection, more than 30 are still valid and can be found in the CLASSIC colour templates.

The RAL CLASSIC colours are distinguished from each other by a four-digit numerical code. In addition to this there is an auxiliary designation for each colour in order to facilitate the handling of the colours. The combination of colour number plus colour name provides security in communication, for example when ordering a colour tone once selected.

In daily practice, this means that “RAL 3000 Fire Red” is the same colour tone everywhere in the world. Whether commercial vehicles or garage doors, blinds or facades – RAL CLASSIC is at the center of all areas of application. Today the RAL CLASSIC colour collection represents a kind of German colour standard. Whoever works with colours knows them and the colour collection is also very common abroad.